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 About us

About Us

Based in Fall River, Massachusetts, L3 OceanServer  develops and manufactures autonomous, lightweight Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUVs). Since its inception in 2003, L3 OceanServer has established itself within a growing specialized market, providing highly capable UUVs to a wide array of military, commercial and international customers. The company’s products complement L3’s existing portfolio of sensor and communication offerings as well as its ISR, anti-submarine warfare and mine countermeasures capabilities.

L3 OceanServer is  located in Southeastern Massachusetts, between Newport, Rhode Island and Woods Hole, Massachusetts, in an area of great innovation for marine instrumentation, robots and underwater vehicles, medical devices and a wide variety of computer related equipment. With the availability of talented engineers, skilled manufacturing contractors and University-sponsored technology development programs, the area provides a solid resource base for continued innovation and growth.


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