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OceanServer Digital Compass Products

Important Notification: All Compass Products are End of Life (EOL) and should not be used for future designs (EOL Notification)

OceanServer offers solid state, 3 - Axis Attitude Sensors for a variety of applications where size, simple operation and cost are the keys to successful integration.  The compasses are tilt compensated providing 1 degree accuracy and can be connected via USB, RS232 or TTL .  OceanServer compass products are utilized by thousands of customers worldwide to provide precise heading, roll and pitch data.  

OS4000-T Solid State Tilt Compensated Nano Compass (TTL) End of Life

The OS4000-T Nano Compass is one of the world's tiniest 3 Axis tilt compensated compass solutions.  Includes all the same powerful features of the OS5000 family in a board mount package priced for volume applications
> Ultra Low Cost Design
> Nano Size : 6” x .6” PCB
> A single gram and .5 Degree RMS

OS5000-S Solid State Tilt Compensated 3 Axis Digital  Compass (Serial)  End of Life

OS5000-S (RS232) offers solid state tilt compensated design in a tiny 1" square footprint 


> Ultra Low Cost Design
> Micro Size : 1” x 1” PCB
> Power: 3.3V regulated, 3.3-5V unregulated

OS5000-USD Solid State Tilt Compensated Compass with Depth Measurement (Serial or USB) End of Life

OS5000-USD provides the standard featu with depth measurement utilizing a transducer. Compatible pressure transducers operate in the 0.5V – 4.5V direct output range (such as the MSI MSP-340). 
> Tiny 1" Square Design
> Depth Accessed via RS232 Port
> Power: 5V regulated USB or  3.3V - 5V RS232
Compass models come with Microsoft Windows compatible software for evaluation and testing.  The 5000-USD software includes a USB to serial port driver for the bridge chipset, facilitating a quick connection between the compass and your Windows based system. Compasses can also be connected to a host system using Microsoft Hyperterm or other terminal programs.  When power is applied, they output sensor data at the preset rate.  You can change the rate or set output to 0, to stop output completely. The compass firmware provides basic functions for soft and hard iron calibration and configuration.  

Additional Specifications for all Products:

- Tilt compensated compass heading
- Yaw, pitch and roll to 1.0 degree resolution
- Honeywell 3-axis Magnetic sensors
- STM 3-axis accelerometer (full range tilt compensation)
- Offer both soft and hard iron calibration routines

OS4000-T Data Sheet

OS5000 Family Data Sheet

OS5000 Family User Manual Download

OS4000-T User Manual Download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Compass Modules

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OS5000 Windows "C" example program for talking to the compass, Source code

The above "C" program is for software developers; to just view basic compass operations users should download the below program:

OS5000 Windows Compass Demo Program, Installer

Visit OceanServer's Download Page for compass mechanical drawings and 3D models

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