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Example 3: (BB-04SR/DC-123SR)

Regulated DC system with four battery packs
MiniITX system and 12V LCD display powered by the power system

  • Two module stack supports four smart li-ion battery packs on the BB-04SR module, the DC-123SR module is an ATX power supply.
  • The example show a miniITX PentiumM motherboard is being powered by the DC-123SR as well as the 12V LCD display.
  • Li-ion battery packs provide the highest power density for a given weight of any commercial technology.
  • These devices can run for 12-16 hours in the configuration shown with a PentiumM MB890 motherboard.
  • The power controller operates on a notebook model; Plug in and run/charge, unplug and your running on battery power.
  • Flying lead BA95 battery packs connect directly to the module, two Molex connectors, ATX power supply
    Minibats software utility for windows™ allows you to monitor the battery status and shutdown the system when the batteries are low. The controllers connect via an RS232 COM: port on the host PC.
  • OEM pricing for larger quantities.

Parts List: (OceanServer Part numbers)
Qty Part Number Description
BA95HC-FL or BA95HCL-FL Battery Pack: 95WHr Li-Ion Smart Battery Pack, 14.4V, 6.6Ah
BB-04SR Modules: RoHS Compliant Battery Controller, supports 4 smart battery packs, integrated charger. 
PS100 Power Supply: 18V 100Watts  
Cable, connects PS120/100/70 to module. Has barrel connector and nut for mounting in your system and a Molex MiniFit jr 2 pin for system connection
DC123SR ATX Convert Module Outputs (12V, 5V, 3.3V, -12V)
Optional LCD display shows battery status
Cable: Serial bulkhead cable, connects the module RS232 output port to a bulkhead for system monitoring data with minibats program.
19-00010-00 Cable: Serial port connector cable, IDC10 to DB9 brings serial port from the BBDC-02 module for connection to a host PC for monitoring data.

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