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Example Systems and Configurations


Basic Model

Basic diagram of  the typical components in a small OceanServer Battery System.

Example 1: (BBDC-02R)

ATX Power Supply with battery power / backup Powering embedded systems or instruments where regulated power and high density battery backup is needed

Example 2: (MP-08xx)

Battery power system with high density li-ion battery packs
Building block for larger battery cluster systems with from 8 to 256 battery packs, 760 watt-hours to 20,000 watt-hours.

Example 3: (BB-04SR/DC-123SR)

Regulated DC system with four battery
packs MiniITX system and 12V LCD display powered by the power system

Example 4: (MP-04xx)

Unregulated 4 battery system, supporting
380 Watt-hours. Building block for larger battery cluster systems.

"R" at the end of the part number indicates the part number is RoHS compliant

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