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Large Battery System

Specifications and Application Notes Section (Click for list)



       Large Sized Battery Power Systems, Battery Cluster Building Blocks

The OceanServer IBPS building blocks allow system designers to build very large capacity Li-ion battery systems. The IBPS MP-Series and XP-Series controllers support building power systems with over 10,000 watt-hours of high density rechargeable Li-ion battery power. These systems are built out of small safe Li-ion smart battery packs that can be shipped via any means when disassembled. Li-ion batteries that are above 100 Whrs are typically treated as DOT Class 9 hazardous goods.  OceanServer Packs are 95 Whrs. The picture below shows the basic building block to build a very large battery system.  Multiple XP-08S battery clusters (760 Whrs) can be grouped together with CB-04 communication modules to build virtually any size battery system.  Lower current requirements can use MP-08 modules.

Example: The system below shows a 32 pack battery array. The system has 3000 watt-hours of capacity and will produce 720 Watts of regulated 48V output with 3 DC2U-1V DC-DC converters. This subsystem is very compact due to the high energy density of the Li-ion cells and can be fully charged in 3.5 hours. Each battery pack has a complete safety circuit, fuel gauge and communication port that is used by the system to collect detailed information about each pack's operation.

Block Diagram: Shows the components used to create the 3000 watt-hour battery array. The configurations are plug and play and are constructed out of standard building blocks and stock cables.

Battery Cluster – MP-04 x 4, 16 packs, 1520 Watt-hours, 48V DC Regulated Output

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MP-08 Unregulated Battery Cluster, 760Watt-hours, 11-18V raw output

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XP-08, MP-08, XP-04, MP-04 IBPS Smart Battery Controllers

The XP/MP-08 and XP/MP-04 battery controllers are intelligent devices that allow users to attach Smart Battery packs to supply a common load. The MP-xx and XP-xx controllers are microprocessor controlled and monitor the safety and power information from each "Smart" battery pack attached to the controller. The MP-04 and XP-04 controllers are single modules and support up to four Smart Battery Packs, the MP-08 and XP-08 are a two module stack and support up to eight Smart Battery Packs.  The XP Series adapters can support higher power requirements than the MP Series.

The XP-xx and MP-xx series of controllers support operating in clusters with other XP-xx and MP-xx controllers. The devices work in harmony load sharing and sourcing a common load device (your system being powered). These controllers support charging from weak sources such as Solar Panels or Fuel Cells and can do charge balancing across the cluster.

The XP-xx and MP-xx controllers have lower RDs FETs than used on the BB-xx series controllers to support higher currents. The main FETs are covered with a heat spreader / sink to help aid in keeping the junctions cool.

The design of the XP-xx and MP-xx controllers are such that when the Charge Voltage is present the FETs will source the load from the Charge Voltage and switch the batteries offline and start charging them. If the load is not too large and the charge voltage supplies are sized correctly you may be able to operate your device while plugged into the charge voltage. The XP-04 and MP-04 controller boards are single modules that supports a maximum of four battery packs on a single module.

DC2U-1V: Regulated DC-DC Converter Modules

The DC2U-1V  module is a 240 Watt output module that provides either 19V, 24V, 28V or 48V jumper selectable output.. The DC2U-1V  is produced in a standard PC104  form factor with Molex connectors for making the system connections.  In addition, multiple DC2U-1V modules can be used in parallel with MP-xx or XP-xx series controllers to support battery clusters with very high power requirements.  This is used in applications where space is a premium

The example picture shows DC2U-1V DC-DC Converter modules can be stacked or spaced out individually depending on your application .   These converters can produce up to 240 Watts individually or multiple units will work in parallel to meet higher power requirements. OceanServer also offers other regulated DC-DC Converts please visit our products page:

The standard modules can be easily packaged together in a weatherproof box to provide large portable power sources.  The above box offers 760 Whrs of power with regulated output.  The above power box could power a 20 watt notebook computer for 38 hours without recharging.

PS-600 DC Power Supply, 18V, 600Watts, N+1 operation

The PS-600 option is provided to supply the charge voltage in larger battery cluster systems. These power supplies can be connected for parallel operation to scale the power output.

The following example shows a four supply user configuration that can supply 2400 Watts of output power for charging. In this configuration the device is connected to the supply when it requires a charge. The array of battery packs is fully charged in under 4 hours.



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