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Smart Li-ion Packs, Integrated Chargers, Ultra High Efficiency DC-DC Converters, Integrate Battery Power or Backup, Fully Engineered (plug and run) and 95 to 25,000+ Watt-hour Clusters

......Make Any Device Battery Powered

Important Notification: All Power Products are End of Life (EOL) and should not be used for future designs (Power EOL Notification)

All of our battery technology and electronics provide the highest density rechargeable battery power available while providing outstanding safety features. OceanServer components can be integrated quickly into your system or equipment to serve as the power supply with scalable Li-ion battery power.  See Products>

 Small Battery Systems

OceanServer offers a complete set of RoHS Compliant  electronics that provide battery management and charging and ultra high efficiency ATX Power supplies, DC-DC converters and Li-ion battery packs to power small embedded devices, instruments or computer systems.

The standard Base Battery Controller Module, BB-04FR, with the DC-123SR  (DC-DC converter module) allows you to integrate up to 380
Watt-hours of power in a 3.6" x 3.8" PC104 sized two module stack.

The BBDC-02R provides the functionality of the BB-04FR and the DC-123SR into a single module, 3.5" x 4.6" and can support one or two smart battery packs.
These systems allow you to make your system or electronics operate like a
Notebook computer, plug-in it chargers and runs, unplug your battery powered. Software is provided for Windows (tm)  that let's you monitor the power status when on batteries like a notebook.  These products are used by hundreds of users worldwide to quickly add a proven battery system to an existing product.

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 Battery Clusters™

OceanServer Battery cluster products provide the plug-n-play modular building blocks that let you build very large battery power systems using small safe Li-ion battery packs.

These systems are ideal for powering robots, medical equipment, portable equipment, homeland security or military devices or just about anything that needs power.

The MP-xx  and  XP-xx Series Intelligent Battery Controllers can each manage 4 or 8 Smart Battery packs. These controllers manage all of the safety aspects required by Li-ion devices and integrate smart level III chargers. A battery cluster of any number of packs can be charged in 2 or 3.5 hours from fully discharged to fully charged (depending on configuration).

The MP-04/08 or XP-04/08 controllers can be combined in large groups connecting any number of battery packs producing a system that acts as one giant battery with each pack under the DOT CLASS 9 shipping limits to make shipping simple.

We have a full range of DC-DC converters from 3.3Volts to 48 Volts. Most of our DC-DC converters are Ultra High efficiency devices that operate at up to 97% efficiency conserving battery power and staying cool for passive cooling. The new DC2U-1VR converter can provide 48V DC @ 240 Watts in a PC104 form factor card (3.6" x 3.8") and can be combined in parallel to provide a solid 19, 24, 28 or 48V system bus at 96% conversion efficiency at very high wattage values.

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All of the OceanServer Battery Management modules have an RS232
communication port that provide complete power system information about all of the battery packs connected. This information includes, fuel gauge, current, voltage, amp-hours, run time to empty, time to full charge, and 20 other critical battery parameters on a pack by pack basis.

OceanServer provides the "minibats" software program for use with the power controllers that lets the user integrate the power system into a Windows(tm) system. This software allows the system to read the state of the battery system and provides actions to take when the battery power is running low. You can issue user warning "Power Low, save your work"... Run a program or command file when the battery capacity reaches a set percentage or perform a system shutdown or hibernation.

The "fullbats" program allows you to monitor the status of very large battery cluster systems, up to 16 MP-08 or XP-08 controllers for a total of 128 battery pack or 12,000 watt-hours of battery power.

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