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OceanServer offers a variety of standard AC-DC power supplies and a DC-DC Vehicle
Supply for powering and recharging IBPS battery controllers. OceanServer controllers
can also be powered by Solar Panels and Fuel Cells (visit our download page under
Application Notes for more information).

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Power Supply, Universal AC Input, Single Output 2.5/5.5MM barrel fits DC Power Jack Connector. Used with OceanServer DC In Cable p/n 19-00003-12 or 19-00043-12 to power BBDC-02 or BC-1022 controllers.
> 90 Watt Output
> Provides 19 Volts (24 Volt version avaliable)
> Notebook style brick


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Power Supply, Universal AC Input, Single 18V Output DIN-8 Connector. Use with OceanServer DC IN Cable p/n 19-00194-12 (PS150 Single for BBDC-02R) or 19-00195-12 (PS150 Dual) for all other boards BB-xx, MP-xx or XP-xx Modules. These two cables can be found under IBPS Cables: Input Cables.
> 150 Watt Output
> Provides 18 Volts @ 8.3 Amps Max
> Approximate PS150 housing dimensions: 7.56" x 2.45" x 1.52",


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Universal DC-DC Power Supply, single output for use with various vehicles; cars, planes and ships to provide DC input charging for the full line of OceanServer IBPS Modules.
> 120 Watt Vehicle Supply
> Input Voltage 11 to 32 Volts DC
> Outputs 18 Volts @ 6.65 Amps (Brick Style)


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Power Supply, Universal AC Input, Outputs Multiple Lug connections that utilize the 19-00020-24 power cables to IBPS controller. Typically used with OceanServer MP-XX and XP-XX series controllers which have up to 4 DC IN connections.
> 320 Watt Output
> Provides 18 Volts to IBPS Module
> Approximate dimensions 9”x4.75”x2”


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