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Small Battery System

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IBPS Battery Monitoring Windows™ Software Applications
Intelligent Battery and Power System (IBPS)

The standard Base Battery Controller Module, BB-04, with the DC-023, DC-DC Converter Module, forms the basis of a very flexible and efficient power supply and battery controller.  This subsystem allows engineers to design a power supply with Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery back-up or battery power. It can be used to make instruments or electronic devices portable or uninterruptible if AC power is lost. The BB-04 module supports up to four BA-95HC Smart Li-ion battery packs allowing between 95 and 380 Watt-hours of battery power. 

The next generation BB-04SR/FR module and DC-DC Converter DC123SR are RoHS compliant and are recommended for most new designs.  The DC123SR can provide up to 144 Watts compared to the DC023 unit's 100 Watts.

The IBPS (BB-04 or BB-04SR/FR) operating model is similar to the power supply in a notebook computer. When AC is plugged in (charge voltage present) the system runs from the charge voltage and the remaining power is used to charge the battery packs. When the charge voltage is removed, (loss of AC or source unplugged), the regulated DC outputs switch over seamlessly to battery power.

Below are two examples of systems using the IBPS.

Example 1: PC104 Embedded Computer and LCD Display (12V) powered from a BB-04 module, four BA-95 battery packs (flying lead and backplane shown as an example), and DC-023 module. This Windows™ system consumes 35 Watts of DC power at peak. The system will run indefinitely with the AC (Charger 18V) applied and switch automatically to battery power when the charge voltage is removed. With the four packs, the system will run between 12 and 20 hours (20 hours if display is blanked).

Example 2: This standard tower PC system was converted to Battery Power using an OceanServer's Standard Evaluation Kits (see our online store) and two BA-95HC battery packs. The system will operate for over 3 hours when the CPU is running; about 6 hours when the CPU is in power saver mode. The maximum power observed was 100 Watts. A single battery pack can source about 60 Watts, two packs will source this 100 Watt max system. The IBPS hardware operates like a notebook computer, i.e. charging and running the system when AC is present (18V DC charge voltage) and automatically switching to battery power when the charge voltage is removed.

This is a block diagram of a basic power controller system. The EK-02 kit has been replace by the EK-04, regulated output evaluation kit, that can be found on our webstore (click here). This shows two BA-95HC battery packs included (click here).

The "MINIBATS" Windows™ software utility is provided to monitor the status of the battery subsystem when it is powering a Windows™ X86 system. Click here for an overview of the monitoring software.

BB-04 Unregulated Battery Cluster, 380Watt-hours, 11-18V raw output

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BB-04 & DC-023 Regulated Battery Cluster, 380Watt-hours, ATX Power output

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Product Description

BB-04 & BB-04SR/FR Base Battery Controller

The BB-04 or BB-04SR/FR module manages up to four Smart Li-ion battery packs. They manage the charge and discharge of all packs as well as load balancing and real time status reporting from each battery pack. The module includes four level 3 smart battery chargers (Smart Battery Charger Specification, V1.1) that will simultaneously charge all battery packs when an 18V DC charge voltage is provided to the DCIN connectors. The charge voltage will also source the power to the user device.

The BB series units communicate to the host system via an RS232 port and reports real time status. The BB-04 or BB-04SR/FR working with the "MINIBATS" program on a Windows™ host system will perform the functions found on a notebook computer. The "MINIBATS" program can take action when the system's battery capacity reaches user determined set points. The three actions are (1) "warning" system power low; (2) run a program or (3) shut down (or hibernate) the Windows™ computer.

DC-023 & DC123SR Power Supply Module w/ATX Functions

The DC-023 DC-DC Converter Module provides very high efficiency regulated DC outputs of 3.3V, 5V and 12V to operate the user electronics and computer hardware. The DC-023 Power Supply can provide a MAXIMUM of 7Amps @ 12V, 10 Amps @5V & 3.3V. The PC104 sized module has both an ATX connector and a six pin Molex connector that provides the three voltages.

The DC-023 Power Supply is sized to power any embedded computer system, CPU, disks, I/O and user electronics. If you need additional power at a given voltage you can connect two DC-023 modules and double the current from any voltage rail.

The ATX connector provides the POWERON and POWEROK signals for ATX motherboards. However, it does not provide -12V, -5V and 5VSB signals. The 5VSB output is supplied by the switched 5V and requires the user to setup the motherboards to TURN ON after POWER FAIL. The module can power most standard PC motherboards. Small motherboards under 60 Watts like the VIA EPIA (20 Watts) can run on a single battery pack; motherboards between 60W and 110 Watts require two BA-95 battery packs to provide sufficient power to operate the load.

The DC123SR module is RoHS compliant and supports higher power applications compared to the DC-023 power supply. The module outputs the same regulated voltages as the DC-023 (3.3V, 5V, 12V) and has -12V standard.  The 12V output can run up to 12 amps.  In addition, the module comes in a small form factor 2.91" x 3.58".



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