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IBPS Battery Monitoring Windows Software Applications

MINIBATS: The MINIBATS software application is designed to be run on the target system and monitor the fuel gauges of the battery system. It provides the basic functionality found on a laptop computer including; Shutdown when discharged, log of power consumption information and overall fuel gauge for the battery configuration.

Example 1: Minibats Main Screen, system on battery power

Example 2: Minibats Battery Screen, displays individual battery status

Example 3: Minibats log screen, with time stamped events

Example 4: Minibats Setup Screen, configures COM ports and shutdown settings.

Example 5: Minibats toolbar display, Minibats will display the Percentage of charge remaining when the mouse is held over icon, double click to get the above monitor

Example 6: Minibats screen with the system charging and on AC

FULLBATS: The FULLBATS software is a GUI based Windows(tm) application that will monitor a battery system and monitor and log the operating measurements while the battery cluster is operating. You can produce CSV files that can be plotted in a spreadsheet or graph the data on the screen in a strip chart while the program is operating.

The "fullbats" program collects its data from the serial port connections to a set of MP-xx and XP-xx controllers.

The following screen captures are from a 64 battery pack cluster monitoring the currents, voltages and temps while the system is charging.

Main Screen: This screen capture is of the main summary screen of a actual 6000 watt-hour battery cluster that is charging. This utility allows to you view the parameters of all system elements. The screen is displaying the summary of a 64 pack system is using 2149 Watts of Charge voltage in it's constant current charge mode at 16.18V average.

This screen capture shows the "fullbats" controller screen showing the operating parameters of each of the MP-08 controllers in the system. You can measure total current, average pack voltage, average pack temperature and view the status of each pack on the controller. The small Yellow boxes show that each pack is charging.

This screen shows the data for each individual battery pack on a single MP-08 controller. The packs report any alarms, terminal current, terminal voltage and pack temperature measured inside of the pack. This allows you to verify that the system is operating correctly.


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