Search and Recovery AUV

Iver Deployed for a Defense Mission

When responding to international incidents that require search and recovery in the ocean, the teams start battling the clock as soon as information is given and operations start. Location information becomes stale quickly and the ability to have operators on site with equipment in the water in hours can be the difference between success and failure. These incidents can happen in any ocean in the world forcing rapid mobilization to bring assets as close as possible to the area of interest. Often this requires commercial airline travel which restricts most commercial survey due to size, weight or battery safety.

L3 OceanServer’s Iver family of vehicles are designed specifically for ease of use, reliability, mobility and value. These man portable vehicles use NiMH power sources to enable commercial airline travel so that the equipment can travel with the teams so that they are ready to begin the search as soon as they land. Iver modular vehicle construction allows the vehicle to be separated into lighter, smaller packages to allow transport without any specialized equipment. These modules allow mission flexibility through interchangeable payloads and battery sections to minimize time spent preparing for the mission once a call is received.

Using the Iver AUV provides superior data quality to towed systems at a more affordable price than comparable AUV systems. This allows for additional platforms to collaboratively execute the mission faster, or address mission sets normally outside of a customer’s budget. Using the highest data quality available significantly increases the chances of discovering a target on the edge of the map.

Recovery of UUVs can be the trickiest and most risky part of working with these intelligent platforms. Sticking with a man potable form factor eliminates the use of a crane for easier, faster , safer operations that can be performed from a wide range of vessels. With over 300 vessels being used worldwide everyday, the Iver AUV provides operators confidence in mission success.

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