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Paper: Iver3 Benchseat Driver for Virtual Remote Helm Functionality

Author: Hunter C. Brown

L3 OceanServer, Fall River, MA, 02723

Abstract – This paper reports the use of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) with a Single-Board-Computer (SBC) to run both the L3 OceanServer Underwater Vehicle Console (UVC) software and a benchseat user-built secondary control system installed on a virtual-machine. Historically, a second computer has been added to the vehicle to allow users to install an operating system and develop software to implement custom behaviors. These user-written behaviors interact with UVC by sending low, middle, and high level control commands that suspend the normal frontseat mission while completing the user-defined actions. With the advent of multi-core SBCs, it is possible to set up virtual-machines that run with equal, or even faster, performance than older single-core machines, while at the same time reducing the overall power-load. Here, we discuss the system architecture, bench tests, and field trials of this benchseat driver system and discuss future development efforts.

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