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Iver4 Transportability

Iver4 Sealed Sections

Iver4 features sealed sections that make its transportability unmatched. These sealed sections can be split apart for transport and then reassembled at its destination. Because the sections are sealed, no vacuum pump is required. Three different transport configurations are possible: handling, non-freight shipping and passenger plane.

Handling Configuration

Iver4 can be split into two person portable sections for ease of transport

Iver4 Handling Configuration
Iver4 Handling Cases
Non-Freight Shipping Configuration

Iver4 can also be split into three sections that can be shipped via common carriers, such as FedEx, UPS and DHL. These section can be shipped with no DOT IX shipping restrictions.

Iver4 Non Freight Shipping
Iver4 Non Freight Shipping Cases
Passenger Plane Shipping Configuration

Iver4 can be split into five sections that can be transported as luggage on a passenger plane.

Iver4 Luggage
Iver4 Luggage Cases

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