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Iver4 Demonstrates Long Duration Mine Counter Measures (MCM) Capability at ANTX 2019

Last month at ANTX 2019, the Iver4 UUV demonstrated its long endurance capability while collecting high resolution seabed data. The Iver4 completed a 27.5 total nautical mile (NM) test expeditionary MCM mission in 12.5 hours. The nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) powered Iver4 has no shipping restrictions with its optional lithium free design.

Starting in Rhode Island Sound, offshore of Point Judith, the Iver4, equipped with sidescan sonar and a towed magnetometer, was deployed from a vessel to begin the 12.5 NM ingress to the test basin. Upon arrival, the Iver4 continued on the planned mission and completed a 2.5 NM survey simultaneously collecting side scan sonar, multibeam bathymetry and magnetometer data.

Following the survey, the Iver4 completed a 12.5 NM egress back to the original mission starting location. The NiMH powered vehicle completed a 27.5 NM total mission demonstrating its extended endurance capability. Upon analysis of the sensor data, three targets of interest were identified. This test mission demonstrates Iver4’s superiority in hydrographic seabed mapping for expeditionary MCM missions.

ANTX 2019 Iver4 Long Endurance Mission
ANTX 2019 Iver4 Long Endurance Mission

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