Press Release: L3’s Iver4 UUV Successfully Completes Long-Endurance Mission

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FALL RIVER, Mass., May 6, 2019 – L3 Technologies announced today that its Iver4 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) completed a mission lasting more than 14 hours in San Diego Bay, California. This long-duration mission was successfully completed with a standard nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery configuration – demonstrating the battery’s power endurance, system efficiency and predictability […]

Overcoming the Nadir Gap with Mosaicked Sonar Data

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Unmanned Undersea Vehicle (UUV) missions often involve the use of side scan sonar for wide area surveys. To create an image of the sea floor, side scan sonar produces narrow beams from the side of the sensor that scan large areas along the mission path. During the side scan survey, the region directly below the sensor, commonly refereed to […]

Paper: A comparison between co-located UUV-based optical 3D reconstruction and interferometric bathymetry

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Authors: Hunter C. Brown and Jeffrey Z. Snyder L3 OceanServer, Fall River, MA, 02723 Abstract—Seafloor bathymetry was traditionally measured with various mechanical means such as lead-lines or poles, and more recently has transitioned to acoustic methods using single beam altimeters, multibeam sonars, and interferometric sonars. New developments in structure-from-motion software have improved to a level […]

Paper: Iver3 Benchseat Driver for Virtual Remote Helm Functionality

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Author: Hunter C. Brown L3 OceanServer, Fall River, MA, 02723 Abstract – This paper reports the use of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) with a Single-Board-Computer (SBC) to run both the L3 OceanServer Underwater Vehicle Console (UVC) software and a benchseat user-built secondary control system installed on a virtual-machine. Historically, a second computer has been […]