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Iver Vehicles

Commercial AUV Missions

Commercial customers working in marine and water resources environments utilize Iver AUVs daily to help solve real world challenges. The Iver platform has been designed specifically to face these challenges in an economical and commercially viable way.

Monitoring the human impact on critical resources, the location and magnitude of a specific underwater resources along with its potential commercial value, and critical underwater infrastructure are required to effectively manage and develop sustainable and profitable strategies.

The Iver AUV reduces logistical requirements for underwater monitoring making surveys easier to complete. The vehicle also significantly increases the reliability of final results by rapidly providing temporally and spatially dense information of the entire body of water. These type of data effectively provide a continuum of results based on numerous parameters collected concurrently enabling you to quickly map and assess the area of interest.

Commercial Applications Include

  • General Survey & Hydrography
  • UXO Mitigation
  • Search and Recovery
  • Renewable Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Ports and Harbor Monitoring
  • Wave Height and Direction
  • Environmental Monitoring (Learn More Here)
  • Off Shore Drilling
  • Bathymetric Survey
  • Dredging Operations
  • Pipline Inspection
  • Sediment/Pollutant Plume Detection
  • Reef Protection and Classification Survey

Iver Advantage: Mission Flexibility

The Iver vehicle provides for the ultimate mission flexibility through interchangeable payloads and battery sections. Commercial AUVs can be configured specifically to collect the mission data needed to complete real world missions.

The Iver AUV can also be used in tandem with traditional sampling from surface vessels to enhance collection and acquisition of critical water data. This is especially useful in limited or hard to access areas not safe for normal surface vessel operations.

Iver Advantage: Portability

The Iver family of vehicles are all built in a man portable form factor. This eliminates the use of a crane for safer and faster launch and recovery. The Iver can be launched from shore or a vessel.

All Ivers vehicles are ultra low logistic vehicles. The vehicle can be split into lighter, smaller packages which allows transport on commercial airlines. There is no need for special certifications or specialized equipment.

Iver Advantage: Reliability

With over 300 vehicles being used worldwide, the Iver AUV is a system that can be trusted for the most important missions. All vehicles undergo extensive lab and in water testing before shipping. 

Our engineers work daily implementing decades of customer feedback into our vehicles. Even in the most challenging conditions, the Iver is proven to withstand rough waters while completing mission tasks.

Great Lakes Mission Data

Article: International Ocean Systems: The Great Lakes, a diverse proving ground for AUVs

The use of the AUV provided significant time savings compared to traditional sampling techniques. For example, the survey of outer Milwaukee Harbor using the AUV required less than seven hours for approximately 600 water column profiles compared to the 150 hours it would have taken using traditional methods in a manned boat (a 95% reduction in labour-hours). Click title to read the entire article.