L3Harris OceanServer – Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Iver4 UUV

Iver4 900 UUV

The Iver4 900 UUV offers users a new 300-meter workhorse system featuring long duration capability and no shipping restrictions with L3Harris OceanServer’s Lithium-free standard design. The Iver4 900comes standard with rechargeable NiMH battery packs supporting up to 20-hour run times of 40 nautical miles mission duration for long ingress/egress missions (40-hour run times of 80 nautical miles available with Li-Ion battery – payload and current dependent).

The Iver4 900 is the first in a family of advanced UUVs to address a wide variety of missions, including commercial and defense applications such as long range survey, multi-domain intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), seabed warfare and mine warfare. The new system offers survey customers a commercial platform that can be easily shipped on common carries without the concern of hazardous goods shipping.

The Iver4 900 comes standard with industry leading tracking and safety communications, precise and repeatable measurements, high accuracy navigation and low drag side scan and bathymetry transducer.



  • 300 m (980 ft) Rated Durable Titanium Center Section
  • Depth Sensor


  • 2.5 m (99 in)


  • .23 m (9 in) Carbon Fiber Tubes


  • >40 NM (NiMH)
  • >80 NM (Li-Ion)
  • payload and current dependent


  • >3 knots transit
  • >5 knots sprint


  • Swappable Battery Chemistries
  • NiMH (2 kwh) Rechargeable
  • Li-Ion (4 kwh) Rechargeable
  • Primary Alkaline (3 kwh)
  • Aluminum-Water power for 80+ hours

Inertial Navigation System

  • INS based on iXBlue PHINS Compact C3 fiber-optic gyroscope

Interferometric Co-Registered Sonar

  • Edgetech 2205B: Swath bathymetry 600 kHz

Field Rugged Operator Console

  • Getac for mission planning, operating and data viewing. Includes VectorMap Mission Planning Software and VectorMap surface radio.

Topside Deck Box

  • Surface equipment for subsurface comms with Benthos Acoustic Modem

Handheld Remote Controller

  • Rugged water resistant remote with joystick for surface control (300+ m range)

Acoustic Pinger

  • Underwater locator beacon

SVP Sensor

  • Sound velocity probe (AML)

Doppler Velocity Log

  • Nortek DVL w/ ADCP

Bottom Lock

  • 200m Bottom Lock Range

Rugged Transit Case

  • Shock absorbent mounting

Safety Systems

  • Drop Weight & Watchdog Iridium safety systems


  • Iver API Documentation Support
  • Forward Payload Integration including RemoteHelm Tester Software
  • 12 Month Warranty

Custom Payload Section Available. Contact the L3Harris Iver sales team for details.

The Iver4 900 features wet-pluggable vehicle sections that can be assembled in the field, even in contested environments.  L3Harris’ innovative, tool-less clamp design allows the vehicle sections to be paired at a wet-break point without the use of any tools. The Iver4 900 can be back on mission within minutes optimizing operator time to get better mission results.

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