L3Harris OceanServer – Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Iver Deployed for a Defense Mission

Defense UUV Missions

L3Harris OceanServer has built the Iver4 PW unmanned underwater vehicle to excel in the challenging conditions encountered during defense UUV missions. Built with leading edge technology and a battlespace understanding, the Iver vehicles are capable, modular and field proven.

The Iver4 900 is the first in a family of advanced UUVs to address a wide variety of missions with up to 20 hour run times and 74 km mission duration for long ingress/egress missions. It comes standard with industry leading tracking and safety communications, precise repeatable measurement, high accuracy navigation and low drag side scan and bathymetry transducers.

L3Harris (OceanServer’s parent company) is a leading provider of broad range communication and electronic systems and products used on military, homeland security and commercial platforms.

Defense Applications Include

  • Mine Counter Measures (MCM)
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Hydrography
  • UXO Mitigation
  • Search
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)
  • Seabed Warfare
  • Amphibious Landing Preparation

Iver Advantage: Mission Flexibility

The Iver vehicle provides for the ultimate mission flexibility through interchangeable payloads and battery sections. The Iver can be equipped with the a variety of sensors that produce the highest quality data sets which significantly increases the chances of discovering a target.

The Iver4 900 features extended endurance with up to 20 hour run times and 74 km mission duration for long ingress/egress missions. 

Iver Advantage: Portability

The Iver family of vehicles are all built in a man portable form factor. This eliminates the use of a crane for safer, fast and easier operations. The vehicles can be deployed from a wide range of platforms including vessels of opportunity. This also allows for easier launch and recovery in poor state conditions.

All Ivers vehicles are ultra low logistic vehicles. The vehicle can be split into lighter, smaller packages which allows transport on commercial airlines without any additional specialized equipment or special certifications.

Iver Advantage: Reliability

With over 300 vehicles being used worldwide, the Iver AUV is a system that can be trusted for the most important missions. All vehicles undergo extensive lab and in water testing before shipping. 

The Iver4 has a titanium and carbon fiber construction for rugged performance day after day. Even in the most challenging conditions, the Iver is proven to withstand rough waters while completing the mission tasks.