Iver4 Demonstrates Long Duration Mine Counter Measures (MCM) Capability at ANTX 2019

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Last month at ANTX 2019, the Iver4 UUV demonstrated its long endurance capability while collecting high resolution seabed data. The Iver4 completed a 27.5 total nautical mile (NM) test expeditionary MCM mission in 12.5 hours. The nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) powered Iver4 has no shipping restrictions with its optional lithium free design. Starting in Rhode Island […]

Iver4 Transportability

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Iver4 Sealed Sections Iver4 features sealed sections that make its transportability unmatched. These sealed sections can be split apart for transport and then reassembled at its destination. Because the sections are sealed, no vacuum pump is required. Three different transport configurations are possible: handling, non-freight shipping and passenger plane. Handling Configuration Iver4 can be split […]

5th Annual Entrepreneur’s Forum at the Center for Marine Robotics

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This week we participated in the 5th Annual Entrepreneur’s Forum at the Center for Marine Robotics at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. This year’s discussion focused on defining the challenges facing the marine robotics industry and framing initiatives we can collectively undertake to accelerate progress. As part of the in-water demonstrations and short wave talks, […]

Iver3 AUV used to Locate Missing Plane

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An Iver3 AUV was used last week to locate a plane that went missing over Lake Michigan. The plane was discovered about four and a half miles off the coast of Lake Michigan and about 515 feet underwater. Watch 9&10 News Michigan’s coverage of the search: https://www.9and10news.com/2019/05/23/michigan-state-police-marine-services-team-find-missing-plane-in-frankfort/