L3Harris OceanServer – Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Field Proven AUVs

L3Harris OceanServer builds the first commercially developed family of low cost Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), the Iver, ideal for coastal applications such as sensor development, general survey work, sub-surface security, research and environmental monitoring. Built with leading edge technology and a battlespace understanding, the Iver family of vehicles are capable, modular and reliable.

15 years of development have gone into easy of use, reliable operation and safety features that avoid the loss of a vehicle. L3Harris OceanServer is proud to have over 300 vehicles in the field and thousands of missions completed. The Iver family of AUVs are used in a variety of missions including: mine counter measures (MCM), hydrography, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), anti-sub warfare, survey and search and recovery. 

All Ivers can be rapidly programmed and deployed to search a large area with little time or effort by the operator. The platform uses a series of sophisticated sensors to navigate the pre-programmed path while maintaining a constant height off the bottom, regardless of the water conditions. These modern AUVs are single man-portable and feature simple point and click mission planning. 

The Iver: Key Benefits

  • State-of-the-art open system
  • Reliable
  • Simple to operate. Single person operation.
  • Affordable systems
  • Launch and operate from shore
  • Intuitive mission planner. Plan in minutes.
  • Field rugged
  • Compact design
  • Extended operation time

Iver3 Standard

Simple to operate survey class AUV with a variety of high resolution sonar options, swappable battery section and simple operation.

Max Depth 100 – 200m.

Iver3 Open System

Iver3-EP models provide users with an open system design for remote helm and sensor development. Simple API, multiple payload options (EP, EP10 & EP16) for rapid development.

Max Depth 100 – 200m.

Iver4 580

Built with Iver4 next-generation technology, the Iver4 580 features a full suite of sensors in a portable size (5.8″ diameter and 82″ length) and small mission footprint for rapid deployment.

Max Depth 200 – 300m.

Iver4 900

Iver4 900 features long duration capability and no shipping restrictions. Comes standard with industry leading tracking and safety communications, precise repeatable measurement, high accuracy navigation and low drag side scan and bathymetry transducers.

Max Depth 300m.