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Research AUV

Research AUV Missions

The Iver AUV provides the ability to rapidly collect temporally and spatially dense sets of data of the entire water body. This provides a continuum of data within your area of research interest. Our research AUVs have been designed to help answer some of the most challenging questions under water.

This represents a paradigm shift in research studies by providing better visualization using spatially rich data, helping to better identify key sampling locations and allowing for rapid responses to man-made and natural events.

The Iver AUV reduces logistical requirements for underwater monitoring making data collection easier to complete. The Iver is also offered in an expandable payload version that features the option for added forward payload sections and an intuitive API for remote helm applications.

Research Applications Include

  • Marine Biology
  • Physical Oceanology
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • 3D Water-Current Profiling
  • Environmental Monitoring (Learn More Here)
  • Marine Geology
  • Sediment Erosion & Transport (scour & Fill)
  • Ecological & Biological Habitat Assessment

Iver Advantage: Mission Flexibility

The Iver vehicle provides for the ultimate mission flexibility through interchangeable payloads and battery sections. Vehicles can be configured with the sensors needed for research missions. 

The Iver AUV is also available in an expandable payload version. This open system AUV allows users to install their hardware and make software extensions to the vehicle without a custom design.

Iver Advantage: Portability

The Iver is an ultra low logistic vehicle that is man portable. There is no need for a crane for launch or recovery. The vehicle can be launched from shore or a vessel.

All Iver vehicles are able to be transported on commercial airlines. The vehicle can be split into lighter, smaller packages so there is no need for special certifications or specialized equipment.

Iver Advantage: Reliability

With over 300 vehicles being used worldwide, the Iver AUV is a system that can be trusted for the most important missions. All vehicles undergo extensive lab and in water testing before shipping. 

We take pride in having worked with customers solving problems in challenging conditions for over 15 years. Our engineers have combined this real world field experience with leading edge technology to create a vehicle that is trusted worldwide to complete complex underwater tasks.

Great Lakes Mission Data

Article: International Ocean Systems: The Great Lakes, a diverse proving ground for AUVs

The use of the AUV provided significant time savings compared to traditional sampling techniques. For example, the survey of outer Milwaukee Harbor using the AUV required less than seven hours for approximately 600 water column profiles compared to the 150 hours it would have taken using traditional methods in a manned boat (a 95% reduction in labour-hours). Click title to read the entire article.