L3Harris OceanServer – Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
AUV Training

AUV Training

L3Harris OceanServer has a tradition of successful customer engagement that leverage in-house expertise with system ease-of-use. We are continuing this tradition by offering a tiered AUV training program delivered by dedicated field operations personnel to offer longevity, flexibility and growth for operators.

The training program starts with an introduction to the modular design of the vehicle and its principal behaviors. The program concludes with independent field activities conducted by students. Training areas consist of ocean beach/surf zone conditions, complicated harbor reconnaissance geometries and open water extended ingress environments.

Training Locations and Vessels

L3Harris OceanServer offers Iver customers training at both our San Diego, CA and Fall River, MA locations.  Embedded training is also available at customer sites. L3 OceanServer can provide access to critical training grounds with expert field operations personnel and substantial site knowledge to provide a valuable training experience.

We are proud to feature dedicated vessel assets including a 34′ ft aluminum work boat (pictured here) and 46′ aluminum research vessel.

L3 OceanServer UUV Training Locations